Art + Social Justice

I had my first experience teaching at the university level working un fellow arts organizer Alaura Seidl of the ArtWrite Collective. They had formulated a course revolving around teaching art education through a social justice lens, and I couldn’t resists the opportunity to apply and share the techniques and strategies I had developed working with youth over the past few years.

To quote the university:
‘Art 448 Lab 009: Art + Social Justice was a UW-Madison Art Department course in creative grassroots activism. Art + Social Justice was open to undergraduate or graduate students of any discipline and explored counter storytelling as a tool for social change, developed students’ narrative aesthetic for anti-oppression work, and engaged them in community-based projects.’

As the Teaching Assistant, I facilitated the course as well as provided primary support for the groups working at Middleton Middle School, Teresa Terrace Community Center and the Meadowridge Library. I would hop around between groups every week and make sure that both undergraduates and youth felt supported in a comfortable learning environment. While the course only lasted one semester, participating students undoubtedly developed some serious workshop organizing skills as well as the flexibility necessary to operate in the non-profit sector.

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