Between Heaven and Earth

No vestige of a beginning
No semblance of an end
Between Heaven and Earth.
A meditation on the eternal nature of energy
Transmuted through different states of matter.
Liquid, Solid, Gas, Light. Death.
Liminal moments as one becomes another.

Between Heaven and Earth reflects material explorations of energy as a metaphor for spirituality. Everybody has their own beliefs, but in my experience, the only entity in our existence that is eternal is energy. It cannot be created, it cannot be destroyed, it can only change phase. This body of work was created in collaboration with photographer Sam Merkel to depict the complex and dramatic transitions energy can make from one moment to another. Much like our lives, energy is ever-moving, and any attempt to capture a specific moment triggers yet another transformation. My hope is to create quiet moments of reflection that help others embrace the transitional nature of life and the forces that control it.

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