Connections was my first curated exhibition. Instead of attempting to channel myself at 20 years old, here’s an excerpt from the original project proposal.


Short-term: To create a space for introducing young, rising local artists to connect each other that also functions as a platform for them to exhibit their talent to the community.

Long-term: Establish a cohesive local art scene that transcends age, race, gender, medium or education. With a strong network of multidisciplinary talent, artists will be able to collaborate together on a far wider variety of projects.

Motivation: Although I was born in Colombia, I was raised in Madison and as a Madisonian I feel the need to make it a better place. I’ve spent my life attempting to re-seed the roots I lost as an immigrant in a foreign country by creating dozens of city-wide celebrations over the years. I’m attending the UW-Madison now and want to create that same sense of unity between campus and the local community that I have been able to establish within my own social circles. All lofty goals aside, my deepest motivation is for everyone to have a good time with each other celebrating art and our community.

Philosophy/Hypothesis: By curating this exhibition. The participating artists will meet, connect and share/sell their art with each other and the greater Madison community. It will open up new channels of dialogue and provide the means for greater future collaboration.

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