Hundred$ was my second collaborative art exhibition (first one at the original 100state!) and stemmed directly from what I saw as a blatant lack of display opportunities for undergraduates in the UW-Madison art program, and for young artists as a whole in Madison. The full transcript of the curatorial thesis has been lost to time, but here’s a small snippet I dug up:

‘They say that artists are the foot soldiers of cultural transformation. They also say that to inspire social change, a grassroots movement must develop from the bottom. Our art is our movement, and HUNDRED$ is our battle cry. No time to wait for fancy art degrees…’

Whole lotta feels, right? Overall, we managed to raise a couple hundred dollars for the Dane County Rape Crisis Center (keep up the good work!), had a great time and got to pack 100state with art for the very first time. Photography was by Darline Morales, and the video was produced by videographers Tara Lozano and Hanna Kohn.

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