O Mercado-Casa Cultural

Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 16 of July 2015. On this day, 100arts´ Brazilian chapter (me), along with my fellow local artists and friends, organized a night of live art, dance, community and culture in the heart of the city. A project 6 months in the making, my fellow Brazilian organizers and I applied the techniques and concepts I’d learned about arts and community organizing in Madison to a broader stage. For One Night Only we brought together 40 artists from fields as broad as fashion, sculpture, dance, music and performance to create an unforgettable night showcasing Belo Horizonte´s creative community, as well as collecting over 365 pounds of food for charitable donation.

This project was created in huge part thanks to the dedication and work of my fellow organizers, Laís Ferreira, Wagner Tulio, Dyego Henrique and Washington Lopes. We met regularly for months leading up to the show, plotting, scheming and connecting with fellow artists in the process of bringing O Mercado to life. Another huge thank you is owed to the Sindicato dos Jornalistas Profissionais de Minas Gerais (the Journalists’ Union of Minas Gerais) who were so kind as to host us in their beautiful space.

Photography by Du Santos, videography by Matheus Aragão

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