One Night Stand

It was the end of an era. Just a few days before I moved to Brazil, my community and I threw one last art show together. We were back at 100state, but this time we transformed every available room into a unique environment for our guests to explore. The empanadas, courtesy of my parents, flowed as freely as the beer. Somehow we managed to clear out 5 kegs in that little space. At this point a lot of the original angst that fueled Hundred$ has dissipated, and a new feeling crept up. The potential was undeniable. Here we were, just a bunch of art kids trying to create home for a fleeting second, at the very top of state street overlooking the capitol. Many of us climbed on top of the roof and pondered the sky that night.

The Madison I came back to in 2015 never felt the same. Keep up with your close ones.

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